Review for Zekkyou Gakkyuu Vol.12

Review for Zekkyou Gakkyuu Vol.12

I was already worried I wouldn’t be able to read this manga any further than volume 11, but then I found out that Tokypop Germany was publishing this one.

I am more and more in favour of buying German manga. They have many series that haven’t come out in English + they are often quite cheap (manga price).

So this one, I was so excited that I could read more creepy stories! We have 3 creepy stories, and a story about Yomi (or at least not from her POV, but we learn more about her + a game that features her) again.

The fist story was definitely great, and also oh so creepy. I am not sure what to think of Nozomi, I thought she was quite mean to make fun of Hikari like that. Instead of comforting her she acted like that. I am glad I always came home to a parent when I got out of school back when I was a kid. 😛
The idea of a woman searching for kids who are alone at home, ringing their doorbells until they open up. shivers Though I did feel a bit sorry for the woman. If that backstory of hers was true.

The second story, well I guess the moral is never mail with someone you don’t know. 😛 And sorry, but I could kind of see why no one wanted to hang out with Ruri, especially at first. She was always bragging, acting like she was queen. No one will want be friends if you act like that girl. I already had a suspicion about Mei, and when some real information was dropped I knew it for sure.

Third/Fourth: The Yomi story. Sorry, but what? A game about Yomi says that Asami is the worst, and suddenly everyone is agreeing to it because Yomi never lies? Whut? Really whut is wrong with these kids. Then again, it seems Asami’s so-called friends were jealous about her anyway, but still, it just didn’t make sense.
The same goes for that the manga girl suddenly is popular? What?
Sorry but these 2 stories just didn’t make much sense to me and I hated practically all the characters, except for Asami. I just wanted to hug that poor girl.

The last story was the creepiest. A girl and her family go to a seaside hotel for the summer, and she quickly notices that not everything is right. The ghost of the girl was creepy as hell, standing behind our MC in the mirror, or even at night next to her bed. shivers The ending was something I definitely didn’t expect. Sure, I knew how it would end as almost all stories from the manga end the same way. It was just the question on how it would happen.

And that is the end of this volume, and I definitely had oh so much fun reading it, and I can’t wait for Volume 13 to be delivered.

Ah, yes, I do love the art so much. The artist is amazing, though at times the eyes go from super detailed to weird, but other than that? Love it!

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