Top 10 Picture Books of 2016

Top 10 Picture Books of 2016

Hello everyone!

The year has almost passed and it is time for me to sort through my books and make top 10s again of various books. First up is the Top 10 Picture Books of 2016, but also look forward to Top 10 Dutch Books, Top 10 English Books (MG/YA), Best First Sentence Top 10. Yes, I got some plans! Look forward to them all.

But as I said, this one is all about Picture Books. I have read a whole lot this year, quite a few Dutch, but also a lot of English. In this one I will just mention the English ones. You can find the Dutch picture books in the Top 10 Dutch Books.
The first few picture books were easy, they were 5+ so they are automatically added. But I also had a ton of picture books that were 5 stars, and I had a bit of a time to select books from that as I loved them all.

The order of this top 10 is all random (I couldn’t pick on to be the first, nor would I be able to decide the rest of the order), the first 3 are 5+ and the rest is 5 stars. Oh, and I have one extra mention because I just felt that one needed to be added.
Are you ready to find out what Picture books were my favs?



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