Library #4.2? Nah! A rant about that + library subscriptions

Library #4.2? Nah! A rant about that + library subscriptions

So I was looking forward to finding a new library closer to me.

I had to give up on Library #4 due to the time it took me to get there + the fact my body doesn’t like that too much.

There was a pretty decent one not that far from my home (still needed to travel to it, but it was closer than Library #4). I dubbed it #4.2.

It was quite a journey already as the trains to the city of Library #4.2 weren’t working. Apparently somewhere in between, while they were building/fixing the rails, they made an oopsie, which meant that there was no train traffic possible today. Yay!

So I had to take the bus, which is a bad idea with my motion/car sickness (yes, I also get sick in trains, but way way less).

But I kept my hopes up, soon I would be in Library #4.2, soon I would be at the second largest library of my country (apparently they used to be #1 but then Amsterdam build a bigger library).

I kept my stomach and nausea at bay with those thoughts. I was excited, I couldn’t wait.

At first glance the library looked AMAZING. It was huge with 6 floors (though one was used a study/silent floor), it was shiny, it was pretty, and I just wanted to dive in.

Then I went to customer service to ask how their subscriptions work, especially considering the whole thing they have these days with guest loaning.

But when I got there and asked, I quickly found out that some libraries suck even more than I thought Library #1 could suck.

Now a bit of background so people know what I am talking about, though most of my followers already know.

They are planning on making a nation/country wide pass for libraries in my country. That means that eventually we will have 1 pass for all libraries. No need for multiple passes. Just one. One pass. It would mean the world for me if that ever would become a reality (I currently have 3 passes, I used to have 4 with Library #4 in the mix).

That is still in development (has been for years), so until that one is activated/completed/able to be done, one can have 1 library subscription they pay for, and then they are able to get a subscription at ANY library throughout the country for free, as many as they would like. It is called guest subscriptions/guest loaning.

However, while quite a few libraries embrace this development with open arms and just give you a good subscription, some libraries just plain suck on this part.

Some libraries just give you the shittiest of shittiest of shitfest subscriptions, the subscriptions that no one in their right mind would want to have. Like with Library #1 who, when people come to them for that free subscription, give them the option to only borrow 2 materials at a time. Yes, 2. At least that isn’t per year, but still not that much of an improvement. I have that one, because I really wanted to keep the library in my town, however they were too expensive for me to pay for what they offered.

And then I came across Library #4.2. At Library #4.2 they give you the subscription in which you can only borrow 6 books/materials A YEAR. Yes, A YEAR.

I don’t think Library #1 or Library #4.2 get what it means that someone wants an extra subscription next to a subscription in their own town/city. I don’t think libraries like Library #4.2 and #1 want new members, or at least they want new members, but only when they pay.

And sorry, that is not how it works. The guest loaning system means you can get a free subscription at a library so you have more options to borrow books. So you can not only go to your library (for which you pay quite a bit already), but also just discover others near you that are in another city or system. So that if you work in another place and still want library books at your workplace that this is possible.

I am really disappointed in Library #4.2. They had a pretty decent basic subscription (6 items at a time, no limit per year), but apparently only people who pay will get that one.

The lady at the desk even said I could pay for it, to which I replied, yeah, but that is not what I want. I am already paying 43+ euros a year for Library #2 (which is my main library). I can’t really afford paying 40 to 60 euro for yet another subscription. That is why I was so happy that they made that guest loaning system available for everyone.

Since this meant that as a big bookworm, I could have more library books, and thus read more. However it seems I am surrounded by libraries that don’t want people to become a member to their libraries, or well, they want to, but only if you pay. Gee, I wonder why people go to the library less and less. They ask high prices for their subscriptions, and they don’t want to go along with developments in the library world.

It is such a shame, I really was looking forward to finding a new library to enjoy and go to. L

Oh well, I guess for now I should be happy with 3 libraries, 2 of which offer good subscriptions (well, then again, Library #2 is the one I pay for, so duh). And one day I hope that the nationwide/countrywide pass will be available, and that this will mean good subscriptions or one general subscription format, because really, otherwise this pass idea will just fail and burn. Burn a lot. Sadly.

And that is my rant for today about this, I was planning on posting it on Twitter, but then I saw the size of it all, and thought about the x number of characters we have there and how I could probably never get this posted properly, and just decided to make a post out of it.

I just had to get this out of my system, it just frustrates me so to see libraries do this kind of stuff. 😐

P.S, I can imagine that libraries want money, that they might not like this system that much as it means someone can just get a subscription for free. However I would think they would also want to have members, especially in a time like this were libraries have to diversify to get members. Maybe the best would be to make a special guest loaning subscription which is still pretty decent (say 5 books at a time). I mean, I would already be happy with just borrowing 5 books every time. It is not much, but I am more then delighted with it.

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