Library Haul 21-1-2017

Library Haul 21-1-2017

Hi everyone!

With the loss of Library #4, and the disappointing trip to a potential library #4.2, I have decided to give library #2 books a spotlight chance. Yes, these books are 90% Dutch, sometimes even all of them, as library #2 (and the 3 libraries it encompasses in total) doesn’t have a lot of English, actually, correction, it is even worse, it is just sad. I believe the library I visit the most out of the three only has 3-5 YA English books, about 20 MG books, and yes, a bit more Adult English, but also not much.

But I still want to give this one a spotlight as it is still an amazing library. It is also the reason why this library is the main library for me. Library #1 and #3 are all on those guest subscriptions that I talked about before. I am allowed to take out 15 books, reservations/on-holds are free, you can borrow them 3 weeks, they get quite a few new books each week, and many more great reasons.

So yeah, you will be seeing the library haul up each week, as I visit library #2 every week on Saturday. I sometimes will combine it with library #3 hauls as I also do those once every 3 weeks on Saturday.

So for this first (or at least, first again) library #2 haul I got quite a lot of Thea Stilton books. I never, ever, thought I would be reading those. I tried one years ago, but couldn’t read it because of the alternating fonts, random words are coloured, and some other things, it was just too distracted. But during my last Library #3 haul I got one of the newer books and got through it and fell in love with the Thea Sisters. I was still a bit distracted, and I still am after reading a few other books in the meantime, but the stories are just too good to pass. So now I am on a mission to read all of them!

We rommelen maar wat aan by Roos Schlikker
The Secret Cooking Club by Laurel Remington
Een zomer vol ponyplezier by Pippa Young, Eleni Livanios
De Feeën van de Zeven Zeeën by Thea Stilton
Liefde in de schijnwerpers by Thea Stilton
Het mysterie van de zwarte pop by Thea Stilton
New York in rep en roer by Thea Stilton
Diefstal op de Oriënt Express by Thea Stilton
Gekrakeel om een Schots kasteel by Thea Stilton
Een pracht van een smaragd by Thea Stilton
Viva flamenco by Thea Stilton
Paniek op Hawaii by Thea Stilton
Kom je nog eens langs? by Philip Waechter
Rudolph & de jonge bakkers by Rudolph van Veen
Het Klokhuis paardenboek by Petra Boers

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