Review for Acute

Review for Acute

So when I saw this one I just had to have it, the blurb sounded a bit like School Days.

I have to say the manga didn’t entirely work for me. On the one hand it was pretty good, but there were enough things that felt rushed. The way Miku just went from sweet girl to yandere was too weird and disjointed. The ending was rushed and felt off, like something was missing. It just felt like everyone was trying to please Miku.

I also didn’t get why Miku went full hate mode? Yes, I can imagine. You both made a promise, you both love Kaito. But really, Luka didn’t do that much wrong from what I could see they didn’t even do anything until that day/moment that Miku saw them together. Yet, Miku went immediately in OMG they must have been together for so long, that explains everything, um, no. No, just no.
I am sure if Miku had just talked with Luka, in a normal way, or even Kaito, in a normal way, they might have come to a good conversation and maybe all this crap didn’t have to happen. But oh no, Miku clearly wants her onii-chan for herself and will do anything to get him. No matter if he is sad because of this all. She doesn’t care about his feelings, she only cares about her own feelings.

Also I am sure that Luka felt terrible that she wasn’t able to keep the promise or her feelings at bay. Luka is a sweet girl and you could see how she felt about it. How guilty she felt. But what do you want her to do just stick to you and never have a chance at love? To always miss something in her life? To just walk about from the one she likes?

But oh no Miku just had to go full yandere and get pissed at stuff. Really girl, yes, she made a promise, yes it is not nice to break a promise, but really? Do you want your sister and the one you call brother sad and hurting because they can’t have each other? Why can’t you just talk about it and get to a rational solution? You can’t just crop up feelings like that. I know it must hurt that Kaito isn’t falling in love with you, but seriously, if this is how you react to rejection I wish you good luck with other stuff. 😐

So yes, I was really hating on Miku for being so a total baby and psycho about things. Really, if that was my friend? And she threatened to kill me? I would just say, NOPE and go away and find a safe place, maybe even go to the police. Especially if she isn’t reasonable about things.

I felt sorry for Luka. I just wanted to hug her and tell her to speak up. To not let Miku roll over her like that.

The ending? Meh. I already knew what would happen as the story progressed, but I hadn’t expected those last pages. Really? That is how it will end? Meh! I expected something better, but in the end nothing is truly solved.

The art was absolutely gorgeous though and that is what kept me reading on. Plus I was curious about the ending.

But would I recommend this one? I am not sure.

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