Review for Also an Octopus

Review for Also an Octopus

Every story starts the same way… with nothing.

And that is how the book starts. And that is, next to our ukelele playing octopus, a running theme through the book. Making a story, making your own ending.

I didn’t expect it, that is what I can say, I thought this book would be solely about octopuses, but instead I got much much more. I didn’t only get an octopus, I didn’t only get rockets (though I definitely approve of rockets), but I also got a fun book about how to make your own story.

I had quite a laugh at the octopus though. He loves playing ukele, he wants to build a rocket ship (and what happens with that was hilarious, though I also felt a bit sad for him), he seemed like a really nice guy.

I loved how the story ended, then again, we could mostly just make up our own ending. Normally I am all for conclusion in my books, but with this one I didn’t mind, and in my mind our Octopus, his friends, his band, all went to space and had a good old time playing music in space and becoming famous musicians, the Eight-armed Space Bandits. 😛

The art was fabulous, but then again, I am still a huge fan of Benji Davies. His art is such a delight to look at, and that was also one of the big reasons (next to the fact this one had an awesome title, and was about an octopus) for me to get this book!

All in all, this is one book I would highly recommend!

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