Review for Augustus and His Smile

Review for Augustus and His Smile

This was an adorable little picture book about a tiger searching for his smile.

Augustus lost his smile, and we follow him through forests, seas, and mountains as he is trying to find his smile back. Of course I knew what one would have to do to find a smile, but Augustus didn’t, and I was just looking forward to see when he would find it out. I was also curious to see how he would find it. Where he would find it in the end.

The journey was quite fun, and I loved seeing how far Augustus went to find his smile.

The art is gorgeous and I really loved the backgrounds, but also how Augustus was drawn. I also love the colours used.

The ending? Adorable! Sweet! Cute! It brought a smile to me as well.

Definitely a book I would recommend to everyone. This book will bring a smile to everyone.

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