Review for Chibi Devil! Vol.3

Review for Chibi Devil! Vol.3

Another fun volume about Honoka, Mao, Shin, and all the other characters.

This time we have a test to see how well our babies can handle their powers, a sleepover, and Shiori is acting weird and Rai-chan is losing his mom.

The test part was definitely fun, and I loved how easy the solution was to make sure Karin and Mao would be able to control their flames and freezing power. One would think it is all about training, practising, but actually it is something so easy that I can see how it was overlooked for so long. 😛

I didn’t particularly like Shiori in this situation, then again, I never really liked Shiori. She is so dreadful to others when they don’t meet her standards. And her rubbing it in how bad they are, not even minding using strong language? No. Just no. In that way she should have had Karin, as she is really an ice queen.

Thanks to the practising that Mao and Karin had to do, we meet a new character. The boy who plays the role of father in Karin’s life. The brother of that girl (awkward). I didn’t like him that much, he was cocky, mean, and rude. He should really watch his words a bit more. But he did something nice for Honoka even if that also ended in rudeness.

I guess we will be seeing him more often though as Honoka and Natsuki are really good friends.

Honoka should get a bit more confident though. She has great friends, she has a lovely kid (even if he isn’t technically hers), she should just speak up more, not be so afraid. But I do see a bit of a change in her. She is more determined, and she is voicing her own opinions on matters more often. I love seeing this, and I hope this development will continue.

It was quite cute to see her realise her feelings for a certain someone. I am not sure from the anime if something happened, so I can’t wait to read about it. Fingers crossed!

It was quite a packed volume with some more backstory about Shin, though I wish we would see his parents/family.

The sleepover was cute, we get a two-sided story. On the one hand Mao who is not used to sleepovers and doesn’t particularly like them. On the other hand Honoka and Shin having a fun day out.

The last part was really sad, though I wished we had seen some more emotions from Rai-chan. We do see he is affected by what happens, but it is nothing like what Mao or Karin would do when they would lose their parents.

I can’t wait to read the next volume, of course I already know what will happen, but it will still be fun to read about it.

All in all a volume that will make you laugh, will make you want to throttle people (Shiori and that brother), it will give you heart eyes as the babies are just too adorable (and also Shin x Honoka).

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