Review for Chibi Devil! Vol.4

Review for Chibi Devil! Vol.4

While I was on my way to Library #4.2 (which ended in failure) I read this one. Even though I do get even worse motion sickness, I still wanted to read it badly.

This one concludes the Rai-chan/Shiori arc that started in the previous volume, and it ended in happiness and joy, I was definitely happy for everyone. Not just for Rai-chan, but also Shiori, and also Honoka and others as they gained a new friend from it all. I had expected Rai-chan to be a bit more happy to see his mom, but then again his reaction fitted perfectly with how he normally is.

It was quite funny that it was all based on a misunderstanding. And while I did get why Shiori made the decision I still wished she had thought a bit more about it. You can’t just dump a baby/kid like that because of those ideas. I am sure you could have worked it out if you had talked it over with the director. And I am sure that you could have asked for help from your fellow moms, then again, that might have been hard considering how Shiori has been treating them.

Shiori really changes though, and for the better. I loved how she was after this arc, it was a real delight to see her be so different. I definitely like how she is now, it fits her better than being an uptight insert some not so nice words.

But not only does this volume end the Shiori arc, there are also new things happening! Our little kids are now trying to walk, and yes, I remember that part for Mao-chan. I laughed so hard when he did x and y, and why? Well, read this volume to find out. 😛 I was quite sad that it took him so long again, though it seems that he wasn’t that far behind when the kids started talking. Yes, our little ones can now talk, or well, they try at least. It is quite interesting to see how quick demon babies can talk after they said their first words.

Though it did spell some trouble for Honoka. Maybe she shouldn’t have told Mao-chan all those things, then again, she couldn’t have known he would talk. It was quite interesting to see what happened after those words were said.
It was also one of the things that was important in this volume. Honoka’s blossoming feelings for Shin. I was happy to see how it was handled, and I was just squealing in delight at it all, I do hope that we will get more romance between the two of them.

The art was still wonderful and fits the manga so well.

Next month I will be buying volume 5 and 6.

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