Review for Dotty Detective and the Midnight Mystery

Review for Dotty Detective and the Midnight Mystery

This was absolutely fun, fantastic, fabulous. A new mystery, and a surprise ending to the mystery (I definitely didn’t saw that coming).

This time the mystery is all about Laura, a girl who quite frankly was quite annoying (sorry, I just don’t like people who brag or exaggerate to have people like them, hint, no one likes that), what is she planning to do during the camp? Something evil? Something mean? Or something totally different?

Yes, it is camp time, one of my favourite things in books. I wish the camping was a bit more highlighted, it felt like it just started before it was over again. 🙁 Then again, that might have been also me flying through the pages.
But, we do get quite a few events and also some Laura stuff so I was still delighted. I wouldn’t have minded to go on this camp, it sounds delightful, adventurous and sporty, all the things that I like. Moonlight walks, spooky stories during campfires, sledding down a hill, and so much more. I also loved the teachers and the helping hands, they definitely made it a great experience.
Oftentimes camps are pretty strict, but it seems that the teacher could live with a few things here and there, even making funny jokes with the kids.

We also have McClusky and a certain dog show. I definitely loved that McClusky got a bit of the spotlight, he is such a cutie, and I was cheering for him to win some prices at the end. I won’t say if he actually won anything, you will just have to read to find that out. 😛

The mystery? Laura? The mystery was definitely great, up until the reveal I thought x and y would happen, but actually it was a and b. It was a big surprise, but I am glad that it was this solution in the end, it made Laura seem more likeable, kinder, and less like the rich bitch (sorry that is the best word at the moment I can think of) she pretends to be. I will really be looking at her differently in the next books.

Of course the book is creatively formatted, reading like a diary with random photographs/snapshots inserted. I also loved the little picture code that Dot and Beans had, it was fun decoding the messages between them.

All in all, another successful, fun, sweet book about Dot, mystery, dogs, and more!

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