Review for Goldie Vance Vol.1

Review for Goldie Vance Vol.1

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Squeeeeeee! That is my reaction to all of this! Detectives, Russians who are up to no good, cute romance between Diane and Goldie, and much much more. Oh did I mention the sweet art?

The book quickly jumps into what Goldie does best, being a detective, locating items, people, solving cases (I had quite a laugh at that little kid, the way he looked with utter boredom like he couldn’t have given a poopoo about being saved or not). After that it is a whirlwind of mystery, slice of life, and my favourite part (yes, the mystery and detective stuff is great, but this one just took the cherry and the entire sundae with it) the obvious romance between Goldie and Diane. At first it seems to be only Goldie crushing hard on Diane, being sad about her going on a date with someone else, but then you also see that Diane is definitely feeling something for Goldie! Squeeee!

Goldie was a terrific, smart, fun gal who definitely didn’t mind breaking some rules, or laws, to get to the bottom of a mystery. Even if that meant borrowing some cars, which is easy for her to do as she works as a valet at the hotel in which her dad also works.
I loved how determined she was, even when things did go wrong she kept going. She just thought of a way to get out of it, even if it meant breaking a window and falling down. Wow!

We also have a mean girl (plus she is rich, yes, fill in all the tropes), but thankfully (because really if she had a bigger role I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the book so much) she doesn’t have a big role in this one.

The mystery was a delight, I had fun seeing in what direction it would go now.

Walter was also great fun and he makes a great detective.

It was quite a surprise to see Goldie’s mom, and also see her job (I wouldn’t mind a job like that).

We also have some other romance going on, this time between two secondary characters, but I was happy to see it happen. I know I was cheering for them to get together. Rob is such a sweet guy, he does everything for that girl.

What I would have liked to see was a bit of background on why Goldie wants to be a detective, maybe some older cases. This feeling was quite strong in the beginning, but as the story started to unfold I just didn’t mind it that much any more. Still, after reading it, I am curious about it and would love to see a book about it.

The art is perfect for this book. I really love the style of it and the dynamic way the character show their emotions and much more.

I would highly recommend this comic and I can’t wait for Goldie to solve more mysteries.

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