Review for I Want To Eat Your Books

Review for I Want To Eat Your Books

Such a delightful zombie book. Thanks to my boyfriend for giving me this as a Christmas present! I loved it!

I have been eyeing this one for a year, if not more, I kept hoping for it to come out in paperback, but it never did, thankfully I got this one for Christmas.

Normally zombies would be all about brains, and more brains, but this one just wants BOOKS, books, and more books. And not to read, oh no, to eat. You can imagine what kind of chaos happens when you let this one loose in school, or even the library.

I felt sorry for the kids (they tried so hard to protect their favourite books), but also for the books, oh so much for the books. It was definitely fun to see what the kids tried to get the zombie to no eat/damage the books. They really tried a lot of ways to get the zombie to see the error of his ways.

The ending? I was a bit surprised, and at first I wasn’t happy, but quickly that turned back to happiness and it was a nice little touch and I was happy for the zombie (and alos for the book).

The illustrations/art was wonderful, I loved how the zombie looked, and also the backgrounds were great. Definitely a style I wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

All in all, this was a fun book. Definitely right for us book zombies. 😛

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