Review for Jyashin-chan Drop Kick Vol.1

Review for Jyashin-chan Drop Kick Vol.1

Sooooooo, I am not entirely sure if I will continue this series. I am not really one for excessive violence stuff (like Dokuro-chan), and this one does have some excessive violence.

There are also enough funny scenes, and I did laugh quite a few times, but it was quite often more a what the hell am I reading, and why is there so much violence?

Considering the blurb on various places, you would think it is Jyashin doing all the violence, and yes, she is planning, plotting, and trying to do stuff to Yurine (so she can go back to hell), but it is actually mostly Yurine doing very cruel things back in retaliation to those failed plans. And really, they are cruel as hell. Chopping of Jyashin’s tail, letting her bleed out, and so much other stuff. It was just a bit too much. Too excessive.

My favourite character would be Medusa, she is such a sweet character and is the only one normal in this manga so far. 😛 I love how she tries to help out both Jyashin and Yurine, though she seems to leaning more to helping Yurine, well, until she finds out what Yurine does to Jyashin.
I do feel sorry for the girl though. She has to wear a bag over her head in the human world or else people will just, well, you know turn to stone.

The art is really good though, and I like how the characters are drawn.

On the one hand I want to continue this one, to see what will happen to Jyashin, to see if she can go back to hell or if she is stuck forever until Yurine dies. But on the other hand? No, no, no thank you.

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