Review for Love & the Zombie Apocalypse

Review for Love & the Zombie Apocalypse

This was a pretty good book, though um, I wasn’t happy with the instant love between Rachel and Cage. Guys, please, it is the zombie apocalypse. A bit of romance isn’t bad, but within x hours? No.
Still I will continue with this series.

I just love searching for new books to read, Goodreads always surprises me with something. This time I found this trilogy. Instead of an accident gone wrong, or a sickness taking over, or even something else, we got a terrorist attack. I haven’t seen this one in a long time, and I have read a lot of zombie books, but terrorists don’t do a lot of stuff in zombie attacks. Maybe because it is such a bad idea. 😛

We have a whole wide range of cast. First starting with Cage and Rachel, but later we also switch between all the other cast members, often just short parts. The ones who get a bigger part are Adam, Cage, Rachel, Nicky.

Like with most books about zombies it takes place before the zombie outbreak. We meet with Rachel and see her leading a life that is definitely not fun and happy. She is bringing her little sister to science camp. I am guessing that after all this she is wishing she hadn’t brought her sister there. Then again, she might not have survived so long. Now she had a drive to keep on living + she met all sorts of people along the way. I believe this was also mentioned in one of the later books.

I loved, just like how I love when it happens in other books, how everything is first so normal with a few hints of danger (someone running around, someone being attacked, violence on the streets), and then the whole poop hits the fan. We reading the book are often quite an expert on these things, so I am generally always shouting/or shaking the book to tell them to run, run, run, grab a weapon, hide and make sure the house is secure.

As I said in the beginning, I was definitely not amused with the instant love. 😐 It is not a trope that I enjoy seeing, and especially not during the zombie apocalypse. People are running, screaming, surviving, dying, and what do you do when you see someone of the opposite sex? Fall in love. I am not against falling in love during the apocalypse, but I am just not amused with it happening when they just met (OK later we learn they have known each other for a day longer, but still).

The book ends with them getting to the dorm and a lot of stuff happening, I am quite interested to see how they will survive this thing. It was already pretty scary to see them having to dodge so many zombies.
The sister is one lucky girl, she has such a dedicated bigger sister.

Along the way we already see that zombies aren’t the only ones being dangerous. It is often the humans who are more dangerous, more violent, and the ones who will eventually end humanity if they keep doing what they did.

This was a really great book, and I did enjoy myself a lot. I think out of all the characters I like Rachel the most. She was so sweet, but also kick-ass and did everything she could to find her sister.

I would recommend this book (and series) to everyone.

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