Review for Mae and June and the Wonder Wheel

Review for Mae and June and the Wonder Wheel

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Thanks for making my wish come true on Netgalley. I spotted this book some time ago and wished for it to be there.

This was a cute book about friendship, about pets, about family. June was a fabulous little kid, though a bit too much over the top at times. Still I liked how she stayed true to herself, I have seen a lot of kids change because people act mean or stupid towards them or how they act/dress. Luckily, our MC just continues on.
But yes, you can see that she is hurting. It hurts her when April says something mean, or when her sister doesn’t want to play with her.
But in the end something happens and she gets happy again, and I was happy to see her bounce back so well.

I didn’t like her talking to the dog though. Sorry, it may work for others, but for me it was just cringy and I disliked it a lot. So I am taking 0.5 star away from the book for that little thing that was quite a big thing in the book.

I had quite a laugh at the fact the class had a girl named April, Mae, and June. 😛

I loved grandma’s idea of a wheel and fun exercises to help June discover new adventures and fun stuff to do + it was educational.

Mae was a nice girl, and I already knew from the start how the friendship between June and Mae would pan out. It was just a bit too obvious to see, then again it is a kids book so I guess it is not that weird.

April was just annoying though, I can do without the mean girl trope. Bleh.

The sister was a typical teen. At times she was nice and friendly, but other times she was just angry/mean. I liked her better when she was nice and kind towards her sister and parents.

There are also illustrations and they were pretty decent.

All in all, I definitely did enjoy this book and I would recommend it.

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