Review for Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse Episode 2

Review for Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse Episode 2

Another great part in this series, just too bad that apparently nothing else was made after this one. I can find a cover reveal for book 3, but nothing about it. Not on the author’s sites, twitters, or anything. Bleh.

So with this one we immediately get to the point where we left our girls in the previous book. Since I read them so close to each other (in one day) it was a delight. It felt like I just was reading one big book.

Our girls are still on the road, figuring out how to survive, find clothes (because Kylee is still pretty much naked which is not that good considering all the zombies (blood, tissue, and of course the easier they can bite or claw you) and, as always in a zombie apocalypse, guys (yes not all guys are bad, but there are enough bad apples in the mix)), find their family and hope everything is all right (I felt so sorry for Kylee that she wasn’t able to contact her family, I can only imagine what is going through her head, praying that her hubbie and kid is still alive).

Of course the first stop is the weapon shop. I am still a bit amazed that these girls (and also later the guys) all knew how the handle a weapon (well with exception of the kid, but that wasn’t so surprising). I guess this is America for you. Might sound mean/rude, but sorry, I don’t know anyone in my surroundings who can handle a gun, or has a license for it. Not to mention I wouldn’t even know where to find gun shops. We must have them, but I never seen one in my entire life (and I have been to most places in my country). So yeah, if the apocalypse happens I guess we Dutchies are mostly screwed and need to rely on other weapons to survive. Oh well, guns just make a lot of noise, which isn’t something you want in a zombie apocalypse.

Back to the book. I was delighted with the new characters we meet in this one. Our 3 guys are amazing, sweet, and protective. I was worried when we first met them, would they be good or bad? But they turned out to be great guys who from the start helped and protected the girls (not that they needed that as they were kick-ass on their own).
I also love that the guys also get some backstory/introduction. They didn’t just get added and here have fun, no, we also learn more about them and I am so delighted that this was done.

The journey to Kylee’s home was riddled with fear, zombies, and something even worse than that. I won’t spoil what, but boy, I didn’t see that one coming. I hope our group will be OK when that will really hit its target. shivers The zombie apocalypse suddenly got much scarier.

It was great fun to see how Kylee reacted to the guys expecting her to be a dumb blond. I just laughed so hard. Yeah, they deserve that. Just because someone is a blonde and loves clothes and sparkles doesn’t mean she isn’t smart.

The mall part was hilarious though. I can imagine why she did it, clothes are needed after all, but I was still laughing that they thought it was a good idea (plus haha to that zombie that was stuck in the fountain, poor thing).

Cheri was pretty awesome in this one as well. I loved the fact she had a Hello Kitty gun (in pink even), it was just glorious. Also loved her sassy remark when the girls saw her reading a Nora Roberts book.

There was a lot of action in this one, quite a few sad moments, and some very important decisions needed to be made. I am not to sure about one element (what happened on the road, and which only Kylee and Jade experienced), it just didn’t feel right/weird.

I am kind of sad that we will never find out if Kylee or Jade will get home. Nor will we ever find out if they survive, or if those guys survive, or if Cheri survives. I want to know more.

So hopefully one day we will have the rest of the books, I don’t want to leave this world yet, and I also desperately want to know about the characters.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, yes I would! Fantastic characters, hilarious conversations, exciting journeys, zombies, action, and much more.

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