Review for Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse – Jade

Review for Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse – Jade

Since this one is just slightly different (MC is Jade instead of Kylee), I will copy most of my review from Kylee’s review here and edit it at some places, the new parts are in bold.

As I also said with my review for Kylee’s POV book I did think the graphic language warning and violence warning was a bit overkill. I have seen quite a bit more cussing and violence in some YA novels. But oh well. 😛

I definitely loved that this one took place mostly in a plane. Yes, I have read quite a few zombie books but never have I had one that took place in a plane. On the airport, yes, but an actual real flying in the air and oh boy you don’t want zombies there plane? No. So I was definitely delighted, and creeped out. Would our girls survive this, because when stuff goes to hell, stuff goes to hell real fast and real horrifying.

It was definitely a bit standard, it starts of with peace and quiet, just a few hints here and there that something might be up, that something will go down. People coughing, people half-vomiting, people acting a bit weird, not getting a connection to loved ones. But I really love it when that builds up to a good zombie. 😛

Still quite a bit sad that the blurb already spoils how the zombies came to be. That wasn’t mentioned until the last few pages of the story. Jade’s husband tells her about the zombies and what happens, and Kylee comes up with an explanation to how it all came to a zombie flu

The two MCs, or well, I do call them that though Jade is the one we follow on this crazy ride this time.  I loved both of them to bits. They were just so kick-ass. Nothing like how some people are during the zombie apocalypse, with these 2 we might just stand a chance. Unlike most people who would just try to restrain a zombie even when it is clearly not going to stop eating and munching, Jade just tackles zombies left and right, and even Kylee is getting into it quickly. They really saved a lot of people that day, though I do wonder how many will survive in the end. 🙁

This book is in Jade’s POV, and it made me like her much more than I already did (yes, I didn’t think that was possible). What I did find a shame was that she often, correction 90% of the time had the same, exact, word for word, thoughts or actions as Kylee had in her book. I know about telepathy, but please. I had just expected a bit more difference. For instance this sentence: “The other person was a young woman with a baby. Shit! A fucking baby! Why didn’t she go into coach?” It is just the EXACT SAME word by word what Kylee thought in her book. rolls eyes I am definitely taking 1 star of this book. I expected Jade’s POV, not Kylee with a dash of Jade.
It did get a bit better near the end, we finally got more new material, and I was quite happy.

The addition of the scene with Cheri’s dad was a great one. Finally we could see what was going on in there.

Cheri was a nice addition to the story, and I can’t wait to see how she will survive. She got 2 kick-ass ladies helping her out, so I am sure she will be able to survive.

I am glad I decided to go for this book, the blurb definitely pulled me in, the cover just said NOPE to me (sorry if that is harsh but I love a good book cover and often get turned away if a cover is just meh/bleh/urgh).

I would recommend this series to everyone. While I am not totally on the fence on recommending both of these books, since they are pretty much the same with some small changes (only near the end when the plane lands there are some bigger chances).

And yes, I probably would have said the same stuff I said here (there being so little difference) if I had read Jade’s book first and then Kylee’s afterwards.

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