Review for Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru Vol.1

Review for Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru Vol.1

A boy, a girl. Sounds like the standard stuff right? Add to this mix a fear for guys, our MC crossdressing and trying to help the girl, a tsundere best friend, an eager sister.

Our MC has the typical eyes that we can see in many other anime/manga. The evil eyes/thug eyes. Everyone is afraid of him and thinks he will be using violence. Actually, as is often the case with this trope, he is a sweet guy who loves working in the school library, and who has a crush on a cute girl. And he will do anything for the cute girl. Even crossdressing. Which he at first didn’t like (his sister roofied him, no, don’t ask), but when he got the chance to get closer to his crush? He didn’t mind crossdressing that much. Plus nobody was scared of him when he was a girl. His eyes looked normal (the magics of make-up).

Well… cute girl… Yes, she looks cute, but she is actually quite violent and doesn’t really seem to like men (though she has a good reason for all this behaviour which we find out later). I actually didn’t like her for quite a part of the book. Until we find out about her problem. Then I started to sympathise with her and cheer her on to be better with men.
She does get extra points for being a book girl and being in the library almost all the time. 😛 I do love myself a good book girl.
Plus I did like how she was with our MC when he was crossdressing, and with her other friend. Sure, she is a bit rude, but she is also cute and funny.

We also meet various other characters, and while I am not too sure about the best friend of our cute girl (she is a bit too aggressive for my liking), I did like the sister.

The art is also absolutely beautiful. I love the style!

All in all, definitely a series I will continue reading. I am curious to see if our MC will ever be honest with the girl, if he ever will tell her it is him underneath the girlish facade.

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