Review for Revenge & the Zombie Apocalypse

Review for Revenge & the Zombie Apocalypse

So I was actually planning on reading a little bit of book two and then sleep. But then I just continued, and also read this book. 3.5 hours later since the time I went to bed, and I had both finished.

There will be a few stuff that I will put under spoiler tags. I just need, NEED, to talk about stuff that happened in this book.

We immediately start off where we left in book 2. It was especially fun now that I read the books back to back, it just felt like I was reading one big book. 😛

So right of the bat, I have to say this: I HATED, HATED how Rachel and Adam got nice and cosy with each other. Rachel, girl, please. You know what Cage is feeling, you have been acting like a right couple for the past 2 books, and now suddenly you are kissing with Adam? No, just no. I don’t care if you weren’t a couple exactly, but you did do a lot of stuff together. He saved you from Jorge. He clearly showed his feelings, and I even believe you said you like/loved him. 😐 But now you are suddenly boning Adam? And suddenly saying stuff that you were attracted to him all the time? What? No. Just no. I never ever saw that in the first book. Just some awkward blushing moments, but come on, that doesn’t have to mean anything. It wasn’t until book 2 that I saw some stuff that hinted towards it, but I just didn’t know what to make of that. Come on, book 1 is all CAGE CAGE CAGE x Rachel, even book 2 has that for most of the part, and now it is suddenly Adam x Rachel?
I guess it can all happen now because OMG, Rachel is legal? 😐
Adam was the same for me. The one you have been dating, the one who just died, the one you loved so much, apparently never was all that as you have always been attracted to Rachel? Whut? I did see that he was interested in Rachel, but then again, it is not the first time a guy in a book has a girlfriend, or a loved one, and then drools over another girl. But really, I found it highly disrespectful to Serena. I am sure she doesn’t want him to stay faithful to him for all eternity, but a bit longer would have been nice. Not like a few days after the death. 😐
I also found it disrespectful towards Cage. Adam knows about Cage, and yet he just screws around with the girl Cage likes. 😐 Bah. This was one of the worst parts of the book. I never accepted this, as it just felt painful, disrespectful and weird.

The travel to the next safe zone was filled with dangerous things, not only zombies, but also gangs, cannibals (yes cannibals, I hated them so much). Again, like the last book, don’t get attached to the characters. There are some heartbreaking scenes in this one. I just wanted to scream, shout, cry, throw with my ereader. I didn’t of course, my boyfriend was next to me in the bed, it was ~2 am + my ereader is pretty expensive. But I would have definitely done the shouting and screaming. 😛

The cannibal part was just horrendous, disgusting, and terrifying. Our poor group. 🙁

We also find out more about the outbreak, how it happened, as we meet two new characters who were there in Chicago when it happened. It was quite a gruesome tale, I can’t imagine how it feels when you are at a park, and suddenly gases would pop up, and people would change into meat-eating monsters. shivers

The ending, and what happens there, mm, on the one hand I am happy, but on the other hand I had expected something more. Then again, I already had a suspicion of the ending when we were closing in on the last quarter.
Still, I had hoped for something more than just a, well, we are surviving, there is no cure for this, blablabla. I had hoped that we would see them reclaim the world back. Fight back some more. Try to build a cure, or anything actually. But nothing of the sort, just them at that hotel/safe zone, hoping to survive this for years to come.

But all in all, I did enjoy this series a whole lot. There were quite a few characters that I loved, characters that I grew to love, characters I disliked oh so much. The story was great. The zombie action wonderful and scary. The background story was good (though creepy). And so much more good things. I would highly recommend this series if you are looking for a good zombie story.

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