Review for Snake Eyes

Review for Snake Eyes

 I am a big fan of Hillary Monahan’s books. She always writes them in a way that just makes you want to read, and not stop. And this one was definitely no exception.

It may have taken me longer to read, but I definitely did enjoy the ride. I am not sure how to explain why it took me longer. I enjoyed it a lot, but I just didn’t seem to get through it.

Normally I would write a normal review, but I am oh so tired, so I will just do a good/bad review. Though there aren’t a lot of bad points, so it will be mostly a good review. 😛

-The main character. At first I thought she was just a female, though a bit snakeish, but then we find out that she has, um, well, 2 penises. Yes, she has two penises.
She is also really kick-ass, will do anything to save her girlfriend (and later something else as well). She is sweet, kind, friendly, though is also not afraid to open her mouth and tell it as it is. Everything she did in this book was pretty much amazing. I do have one point that I didn’t like about her, and I will talk about in the bad part.
I did feel sorry for her, for having such a mother, for having such a family. It must have been a hard life, with how they were treated. Especially Lamia was just a terrible person. Then again, apparently running away is no option, so at times I just wanted to hug Tanis and tell her everything would be OK, eventually.
-The world building. The Lamias, the Gorgons, the Iwa, the witches, everything, it took place in ordinary America, but there was so much more to it that it was a delight to read. I just wanted to know what else would pop up in this book. How it would all connect. Because even though stuff didn’t always seem to have a connection, it did have a connection in the end, and I loved that.
Even though the Gorgons weren’t nice guys, I still liked that they were added. They made some good bad guys, though at times I was wondering who the real bad guy was, Lamia herself, or the Gorgons.
-Naree, all the way Naree. She was, next to Tanis, my favourite character. She was sweet, caring, but also wasn’t afraid to open her mouth and tell people a piece of her mind. I loved how she had accepted Tanis. How she accepted that Tanis was female, but also male. Even when stuff went to crap she stayed with Tanis, helped her, and tried to be there for her. At times getting angry at Tanis, or at the situation at hand, which is totally logical, anyone would have done that.
-The romance between Naree and Tanis. I was just absolutely swooning when they got together, they were so sweet and cute together. At first they didn’t seem to match, but then you saw them together and saw the love between them, it was just overflowing. They really fitted well together.
-I also loved the various body sizes in this one, and how it was all treated. It also made a fun contrast between Naree and Tanis. Tanis was mostly muscle and lean, while Naree was chubby and curvy.
-The story was amazing, more problems came on the road but it was all handled well and I had fun seeing Tanis handle them.
-The ending. I loved it so much! I can imagine why Tanis picked that as a solution, I think anyone would have after all she went through. Poor girl.
-There were enough comedy moments that had me laughing or snickering out loud.
-The cover now makes even more sense to me! I won’t spoil anything, but believe me you will probably also experience this moment of clarity afterwards.

I have one mixed thing that I have to add.
The sex, and the sex talk. Many of my followers/readers know that I am not too comfortable about sex scenes. For me it just feels like I am viewing something private, something I should not watch. I have no problem with sex in general, but sex scenes in books, games, tv just feel like I am interrupting. I am not too sure how to explain it. 😛 But I hope I got the point across.
Plus some of the scenes in this book, um, were quite a bit too much for me. 😛 Something to do with the double penis situation.

-At times I was a bit annoyed with how Tanis would just jump into danger. Sure, she would feel crappy about it, that she was not able to be with Naree, possibly forever. I know she didn’t have much choice, but at times I just wished she would have stopped and searched for another plan.
Also at times she was so insecure, which she shouldn’t be! She is a great girl, sweet, kind, protective, and she deserves the world.

But all in all? This book was amazing! I loved every bit of it, and I will definitely be re-reading this one. I would recommend it if you are looking for a book with a kick-ass character, some sweet romance, lots of mythology, and you don’t mind sex. 😛

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