Review for St Grizzle’s School for Girls, Goats and Random Boys

Review for St Grizzle’s School for Girls, Goats and Random Boys

Haha, this was absolutely brilliant. I laughed my bum off reading this one. 😛

This was even better than I had hoped and expected, and even funnier as well. Of course there were a few moments that had me shaking me head, for instance that I wondered if those kids truly studied at that school or, if later when they went to another one, would encounter a lot of trouble. Sure, there was mention that there were teachers, but whenever we got to actual classes it just seemed all they learned was just too basic. Plus doesn’t anyone there care about hygiene?

But oh well, that is not the focus of this book, and it was actually one of the two small things that I didn’t particularly like. For the sake of getting bad things out of the way, the second thing I didn’t quite like were the triplets. They were annoying, creepy, meh. I didn’t think they were funny, and I wondered why none of the teachers thought to educate them a bit more.

Dani was a delightful character, and while she was a bit meh in the book at times, I totally could understand her feelings. First her mom just dumps her at a boarding school so the mom could study penguin bums (yes, bums), then the boarding school isn’t what it is supposed to be, then a whole slew of stuff happens. I was just hoping that she might find some happiness in the school, a place to call home, a place with new friends. It was definitely quite fun to see her open up more and more as the book progressed. And how her feelings changed on various topics.
She turned into quite a fun, happy character.
Plus I just loved her stop-motion videos and the characters she used for those. She got quite a talent and I hope she will continue making them, getting better and better. Not many people are able to make things like that, so it is awesome that she can do it.

The school was quite hilarious, not only did stuff like uniforms, classes, and other things change, but we also got a goat that eats everything and walks quite freely, a boy in a wheelchair (while this is a girl-only school), a Japanese guy who is the receptionist (apparently he got lost and “adopted” by the headmistress). The statue outside gets updated daily with new stuff covering it (which I would have love to see). The school is chaos, but quite a fun chaos if I have to say so myself, I was wondering how far they would go. What is allowed, what isn’t allowed?

Next to Dani we have a big cast of characters. From Swan, the daughter of the headmistress would just wants Dani to give things a chance, she was quite grumpy when Dani didn’t cooperate, to Yaz who is possibly the only student taking things seriously, though I did feel sorry that she had hopes her dad was coming while it was clear no one was coming, to Blossom who at times was a bit annoying but still turned out to be a sweet girl eager to be friends with Dani.
And then we also have Arch, the best friend of Dani. She often facetimes with him, or sends him text messages. He was quite a nice character and friendly as well.
Lulu was just plain weird, but still a fun character, I did like that she had such plans, if only she had worked them out better. 😛

The book is one rollercoaster of hilarious situations, but also with some sadness (I felt quite sorry for Dani at times).

The book is also filled to the brim with fun illustrations by Becka Moor. Her style definitely fits the book perfectly. All of the characters were exactly as I pictured them.

Also I am loving that cover! It is just so silly looking. It was the first thing that lured me into the book, and then I read the blurb, and the deal was sealed.

I can’t wait for the next book, yes, from what I can see there will be more books about this boarding school. I can’t wait! I also hope we will see more of those rivals that popped up in this book (well, rivals, Grizzle’s school didn’t see them as that, but the other school did see Grizzle’s as their rivals).

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