Review for Steven Seagull Action Hero

Review for Steven Seagull Action Hero

My first book, and first review, of 2017! It just had to be this book to be the first, it had to be.

I got this one for Christmas (thanks boyfriend!) and I have been saving it for this moment. I wanted to start my 2017 with a bang, and what better bang could I get with Steven Seagal, um Seagull. 😛

Of course my second reason was because this is a book made by Elys Dolan and she quickly became one of my favourites when I discovered her last year (this sounds so weird to say, as if it happened long ago, but last year was just 10/11 hours ago).

This picture book is about a seagull named Steven. He is a cop, well, was. He didn’t always take rules as a standard, and he got into trouble for that. But he is back on the case now. And what a case it is. Someone is digging holes (oh no) and making a mess of the whole beach. It is up to Steven to find out who did it.

I had quite a laugh that everyone Steven speaks to/suspects is an ex-criminal. 😛 Even Lola. Well, OK, hold on, I can totally see Lola being a criminal. An accidental one, yes, but still a criminal.

I definitely had a laugh at all the situations that passed by (Sharks vs Seaweeds) + also I love the attention to Lola’s chair. It was all patched up roughly so it wouldn’t collapse.

The actual villain? Well, I can certainly say I didn’t see that coming, and I had quite a laugh at how Steven handles the situation, and what his solution was to beating this vile sandstealing beast.

I was definitely pleased with the ending, Steven really deserved that.

The art is really great, I love the expressions on the characters faces, and well I just love everything.

Would I recommend this book to people? OH yes I would. Especially those who know of Steven Seagal, really, that makes this book even better. 🙂

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