Review for Tell Me Three Things

Review for Tell Me Three Things

This was just so AMAZING! I loved each and every part of it.

This won’t be a too long review (bit sick) but I want to at least write my thoughts on this book.

It was instant love from the start. As soon as I started reading it I just couldn’t stop, however I had to because I had to sleep. 😛 But the next day I went on to read and just couldn’t stop, I just didn’t want to put it down. I had to know who Somebody Nobody was. I just had to find out. I also wanted to know if our MC would feel more accepted, if she would find friends, if she could patch things up with her step-brother.

Yes, there is a lot that is going on in this book. Not only do we have our MC’s problems, but also her step-families problems, Somebody Nobody who is a big mystery and also has his share of problems. But it all comes together in one thing, it never overwhelms, instead I was invested in every character that we come across. Even the tinier characters, I just wanted to know more about them.

Jessie was a delightful character and I loved her from the start. She was so much fun, and I found her very brave, for how she stayed true to herself. How she never did anything different. I loved how she kicked some serious butt through the story, even though her life wasn’t the easiest.
I did wish she had been a bit more accepting to her new family. I wish she had been more accepting of her dad. Yes, what he did wasn’t exactly the best idea, I also still don’t get why he never talked about it with his daughter, but I guess he has his reasons.
As for her step-family, I just didn’t like how she acted towards them. Sure, I could imagine that she acted that way towards Theo becomes of how he was in the beginning, but I didn’t understand it towards the mom. She was a friendly woman who just wanted happiness for her new daughter, she tried so hard, I even saw that.
Thankfully things do change, but it took a while. Yes, I know she has to get used to things, but I just found it a bit too cringey to see her act this way. So ungrateful while she was being welcomed so happily (at least by the mom).
I loved her with her friends, and especially Scarlett and S/N. Those parts were a delight to read, and at times I just had a laugh at how she talked with them, how sweet their friendship (and much later also love for S/N (no spoiler, come on, it is pretty much clear early on).

Yes, I loved S/N, I loved the messages, the mail, the mystery. I had a few suspects, and as the book went on I had two guys, but quite quickly I just had one guy left, and I was delighted to see it was him in the end!

Theo? I didn’t like him in the beginning, but then again I could imagine his aggressive attitude. Later on though he started to open up and he quickly became a new favourite. He was really sweet towards Jessie in the end, and even protecting her. Yay!

I loved how the book mixed comedy with tragedy. There is romance, there is friendship, there is so much more, this book will definitely grab you by the neck and not let you go. You will want to know everything about these characters. You will not be able to stop reading. Highly recommended! Also Waffles!! <3 <3 <3

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