Review for The Backstagers #1 (single issue)

Review for The Backstagers #1 (single issue)

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Normally I wouldn’t post it everywhere now, but sorry, if I only get one issue, I will post it under that one issue, and as that one has been out for more than 6 months. 😛

Well this was a shame, if I had known this was just a sample I wouldn’t have picked this one up. I was looking forward to the whole volume. Why I didn’t know this as there was apparently a warning on the page? Well, if you are on Netgalley and browse through the books and click on one, you just get the basic information. Nothing of a warning at all. Only when you click on full details will you get the full details page or if you click on the request button and it refreshes, but I only need a cover + description + if it is open to my part of the world. So yeah, had I know, I wouldn’t have requested it. Bleh. Next time maybe make a better title? I am sure more people got duped thanks to this crap.

So yeah, not a happy camper, especially since this story was just so brilliant and I was really disappointed that I couldn’t read on with how it goes. Oh well, guess I will just find the other issues somewhere so I can continue it.

I definitely loved the MC, he was a fun, sweet guy, and I loved how he went from meh and everything sucks to happy and joy. It was a great change to see, and I am happy for him that he finally was able to find a place in the theatre. Not as an actor, oh no, as something else, as he found that job a bit more exciting. Yes, it might be a bit spoilerish, but sorry, I am still pissed off at the whole I only get one chapter thing. 😐
I do have to say I did see it coming, he just didn’t seem like the guy who would like acting. He loves to draw, he loves to make stuff, he seemed more fit for many of the other jobs in the theatre.

I also was a tad bit confused with it all, but then I got into it and I was a goner. I just wanted to know more about this underground world with its strangeness, weird creatures that love the colour red (and also have tools and such in them), tunnels that go on and on, and apparently no one but a certain select group is able to go and see these wonders. Then again it is as one of those guys said, people just don’t notice it, or people turn their noses up and ignore it. It is something that you see often in fantasy books. Magic stuff just lying in plain sight but no one but those who truly look spot it.

The art is really colourful, fun, and I loved how the characters were drawn. Our MC was just adorable with his random blushing (I am so shipping him with that big burly guy, Hunter, yes, I am that kind of girl, sorry).

I definitely want to read more, and so I will continue reading this series. It is so much fun, and I am still amazed that it is a comic that doesn’t throw people in at a random interval and doesn’t give a lick of care about telling peeps what happens or what is going on. No, instead there is a bit of confusion, but that is OK as that is the same thing our MC is going through!

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