Review for Zekkyou Gakkyuu Vol.13

Review for Zekkyou Gakkyuu Vol.13

So 2 new volumes arrived yesterday, of course I had to read one already as I had a whole evening that I could spend reading, reading, and reading!

It was a nice volume, though I have to say that it is still amazing that I am not strangling these characters myself at times. 😛

The stories are generally creepy, either the whole thing, or the ending.

Hour 1: Pretty Mother, Pretty Daughter. 5 stars. OMG, that was just a terrific beginning to this manga. Be warned of what you ask.
I have to say for most I didn’t like the MC (but that is kind of a common thing in this manga), I hated how she valued beauty and outer looks over the inner ones, and how she bullied and was mean to her mother. I was quite shocked at what she did at school when her mom came by.
Though I am not so sure that the kid deserved what the mom did to her. 🙁 Yes, she was being mean, yes, she deserved some kind of karma to come to her, but this? No. That is just too horrific, and it makes me doubt my alliances. Should I side with the mom (she was bullied and hated) or the daughter (since she did learn a lesson quite soon). The ending? Well, at least it wasn’t the totally standard one. Still sad.

Hour 2: The Friend in the Biology Room. 4 stars. Yes, it was creepy, but I was seriously pissed at the MC. The way she acted. The way she treated people. Plus, the story just didn’t make a lot of sense. You would think that people would search to find those missing girls, search thoroughly and with those parts lying around like that, why did no one notice? The ending was typical, but really disturbing. 😐

Hour 3: The Cleaner. 4 stars. I didn’t like the girl, I can understand cleaning is not fun, but really, if your room, and everything else looks like this? No, just no. That is even beyond being sloppy. But the worst thing that she did wasn’t because she was sloppy, which worsened when she met the Cleaner. No the worst was what she did to her poor bird. 😐 Horrible! The story wasn’t that creepy, but the ending was!

Hour 4: The Curse-ritual. 4 stars. Mostly because of that twist near the ending which I didn’t see coming. Wow, wow, wow. I am also not entirely sure if I liked any of the characters. The MC was just a bit too overprotective (and later a bit too yandere). While her best friend… well, I am not saying anything. The boy who is in love with x was a bit too possessive. It is quite creepy that one can kill with a doll.

Hour 5: The eye in the sand. 3.5 stars. It was a good story, but it was so quickly over and I just felt like I missed something. I did feel sorry for the boy, but then again why didn’t he just make some friends, they were more than willing to be friends and play with him.

All in all a wonderful volume with stories that will give you goosebumps.

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