Review for Zekkyou Gakkyuu Vol.14

Review for Zekkyou Gakkyuu Vol.14

This was another fun/creepy volume, and I can’t wait for next month when I can buy the next 2 volumes.

Hour 1: The Ghost Tunnel: 4 stars. While it was good I didn’t like the MC, at first I did, but she was just so annoying. She kept whining about how weak she was, how she couldn’t do anything, and then she did all that crap at the end? No, just no.
But a good story with a good creep-factor. Scary tunnels, oh my. I definitely am glad we don’t have such tunnels here in my town. Or I would take a detour. shivers

Hour 2: The Blog of God/The Blog God: 4 stars. A decent story though it didn’t get scary until the end. On the one hand I was pleased with the ending as it wasn’t your typical ZG ending, on the other hand though…. that poor girl. 🙁 Sure, she went totally weird when her blog started to become popular, but no one deserves what happens to her. I would have loved seeing more of her blog/her mascots.

Hour 3: The Truth Candies: 4.5 stars. Definitely a wow story, and I loved how the candies did x and y, I have seen it happen before, first everything is sunny and happy, but then it changes. I didn’t expect the ending so plus points to that one. I was already thinking she might just…. but instead that happened. Wow. Poor thing. Sure, our MC was a tad bit mean at times, but that she didn’t deserve.

Special school excursion: The Snowwoman: 2 stars. It was a good idea, but I hated how she immediately decided pushing someone is a good idea. Yes, your friend likes the guy as well, no need to do that in return. OK, she didn’t knew there was a cliff. The rest of the story was just too cringy and not enjoyable. Really, do these people not know how to talk to each other about how they feel? The ending, meh.

Extra Hour: The Courage App: 3.5 stars. While it was a cute story (for most), the MC did change a lot, not always for the better. Jealousy is not good as one can see in this one. Plus the app was pretty creepy. I didn’t see that ending coming. Getting courage is a two-sided thing it seems. It might give you courage, but also someone else. And what that someone does with their added courage… well.. might not always be good.
I do have to add that this one was quite a bit different from the other stories, often the stories feature kids going to middle or high school, but this MC was 20 years old, and we also had some more adult themes.

The bonus story was creepy, wow, if this one takes place after the events of the first story…. I wonder why no one closed that tunnel. People are disappearing, but the tunnel can still stay around? Whut? Or if this one takes place before the events, I wonder why no one mentioned other people (other than the guys who build that tunnel) disappearing.

But all in all a really good volume and I enjoyed it immensely. The stories never bore you, unlike many books which often just regurgitate the same things.
You never know what you might get in this one. From apps to straw dolls, to ghosts and demons. It is really interesting that they, even in volume 14, still have new stories to tell.

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