Top 10 Books of December 2016

Top 10 Books of December 2016

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a safe 2016 > 2017 end of the year switch with lots of good food, happy moments, and fireworks!

It does feel a bit strange to add a Top 10 for December, since it is now 2017, yes, even though it hasn’t even been one full day, it still feels a bit weird. 😛 But I didn’t have any time to add one sooner with all the wonderful 2016 Top 10 posts that I had planned.

This month was a bit uneventful in my reading, but I did find some gems, one especially, the number one on the list was an absolutely wonderful book. The others, I had to look through my 5 stars books and see which ones to pick. I read quite a lot of manga, and while I would want to showcase them more, I want to balance it a bit more with normal books too.

So are you ready to see my Top 10 of December 2016? Here we go!










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