DNF Review for #Famous

DNF Review for #Famous

No. Just no. I am stopping with this book, I just can’t see how this book will continue for 40% more. I can’t imagine that the homecoming or all the dramarama needs that much time in the spotlight.

I already started to notice it around 30% in, I was wondering how in heaven’s name this story would continue, for me it felt pretty much like it was almost done. Sure, there were some points that still had to be solved, but I could see that being finished in 10-20%. So yeah, the story dragged on. The same stuff over and over again. It just got boring. yawns

I also couldn’t see why anyone would like Kyle. He is such, as his friend said, a tool. OMG I am famous, let me do stupid things that hurt Rachel, who already feels crappy (and yes, on the one hand it is her own fault, who the hell makes a picture of a hot guy and posts it online, did she not get a social media course at school or something? But on the other hand no one deserves what comes over her). Everyone was telling him that Rachel was having a hard time, that she was being bullied, being threatened, and it wasn’t until 57% that he finally opened his eyes and started to check out what was going on. 57% people. 57 PERCENT. I was just rolling my eyes so hard at this stupidity. I get that he might not want to check stuff, but if your friends, and others tell you shit is going down, I would check.
I really didn’t get why he couldn’t see she was hurting, how blind are you?
I also found him quite bland. I guess he is just mostly pretty and nothing else? Which is just a shame, if he was a bit more rounded, or a bit more interested, but oh no, he is the gorgeous guy and other than that it isn’t important.

Rachel. Sometimes I really doubt teenagers these days, I know this is mean, but who the hell thinks it is a good idea to post a picture of someone else on the internet and doesn’t expect that it might just blow up. It is the internet, come on. An older person who didn’t grow up with the net I can imagine making such a mistake, but a teenager? A girl whose whole life is about internet, about connectivity? No.
I also frankly got really tired of her constant OMG I am not pretty, OMG I am fat, OMG I don’t deserve such a cute guy routine. I get it. I know the feeling, but really, do we need to get it over and over again, it is not giving me a pretty picture for the girl.
I also wished she would grow a pair of balls and just said something to Kyle. But I guess the OMG I still love him (even though I couldn’t still why) feeling just took the focus and she forgot about everything else.

Mo, my lord, I hated that girl from the start and she didn’t get any better. The way she reacted, and acted towards Rachel and her problems? What the hell is wrong with you that, when your best friend comes to you feeling crappy, your first option is that this might be a good thing because now you might get that prestigious place? And she kept on talking about that place, ALL THE TIME. It just felt highly inappropriate and I wondered if she could understand how Rachel felt (according to her, yes because of her colour and the fact she was also bullied, but I am sorry, but I don’t think you know, otherwise you wouldn’t keep on pushing your friend like this all the time).

Then there is Emma. At times she seemed OK, but I never could get a feel on what she really was. Is she mean? Is she nice? Is she in this for the fame? Is she in for Kyle? What is going on with this girl? She kept popping up all the time.

What more? I am just terribly sad, I was really looking forward to this book, and the first chapters were pretty great, and I was thinking this would become a favourite. But it turned out to be a dud. 🙁

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