Hardcover Surprises ~ Als het maar niet op ons lijkt

Hardcover Surprises ~ Als het maar niet op ons lijkt

Greetings everyone!

I believe this is a first time. This time instead of an English hardcover, I have a Dutch hardcover with a lovely surprise!

It is a book that I bought 2 days ago, after seeing it on Saturday and falling in love. First with the cover (you will see why in the pictures), and then with the book itself (it sounds so funny). My boyfriend had to drag me away from the book on Saturday. So I vowed to come back for it and get it when I had time. I was definitely happy that I had a giftcard with 10 euro on it left, otherwise it would have needed to wait until next month (Dutch books are still a tad bit expensive).

This book has something I haven’t seen many books have (especially not Dutch books), namely a reversible cover. You can have a pink cover (for the girls) and greenish/blue (for boys). I love that they done this, it fits perfect with a book about babies, and the first year of parenting.

I also added the picture of the book without the cover, as I do definitely like the design on the book (grey fabric + bright yellow letters).


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