Library Haul 25-2-2017

Library Haul 25-2-2017

Hello everyone!

Another Saturday, and another book-filled one, as I got home with a big stack of books. I had 11 books on-hold/reserved, and I found 4 more books to bring with me along with those.

I am mostly excited about the fact that they had the “And I Darken” by Kiersten White in English! It is a book I have been meaning to read, and I was just squealing in delight that they added it to their small collection of English books. Hopefully this means they will be adding other awesome, and newer, English books to their collection.

Also yay (though I am also a bit sad) I am done with the Thea Stilton normal books. I can only now wait for them to translate those that haven’t come out yet. As for the Topford series? Only one more book to read, and I am not sure if Library #2 (or #3) has it, but I will have a look around next week.

So here are my new books!

De magische muisical by Thea Stilton
De dierenkliniek by Thea Stilton
Topsport op Topford by Thea Stilton
Drakencode by Thea Stilton
De sprekende berg by Thea Stilton
Op zoek naar de blauwe scarabee by Thea Stilton
Muse Academy en het geheim van Helikon by Morgan Blade
De verdwenen monsterkaarten by Martin Klein, Amber Fuchs
De Nederlandse mode in 100 kledingstukken by Milou van Rossum, Daan Brand
And I Darken by Kiersten White
Flamingo! by Kim Crabeels, Marije Tolman
Welkom by Barroux
Missing Treasure! by Giles Andreae, Russel Ayto
Rutger Bakt by Rutger van den Broek
Van Nul tot Nu by Co Loerakker, Thom Roep

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