Library Haul 4-2-2017

Library Haul 4-2-2017

Hello everyone!

A new Saturday, and a new trip to Library #2! I had 9 books reserved/on-hold which meant I could get 6 more books, but in the end I only found 5 more books. And they were renovating stuff, so quite a few things weren’t in the right place any more, and I didn’t feel good enough to search any further. Maybe next time.

I am still in a Thea Stilton mode, but sadly they don’t have all of them in Library #2 (they only have a smallish selection) plus most were checked-out.

But I am really happy with what I found, I hope I will like them all.

Here we go, my 14 new library books!

De mocktailbar by Fern Green, Esme Lonsdale
Hier is Fiep! by Tingue Dongelmans, Ingeborg Vriends-van der Steijn
Hoog en Laag by Annie M.G. Schmidt, Annet Schaap
Op naar de top by Thea Stilton
Ouders opgelet! by Po Bronson
Doordraven en overeind blijven by Isa & Barry
Sanne steelt de show by Paula van Manen
De koninklijke konijnen van Londen by Santa Montefiore, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Kate Hindley
De kinderkolonie by Wil Schakmann
Mag ik je opa lenen? by Isabel van Duijnen
De schat van het vikingschip by Thea Stilton
Naar de film by Florence Ducatteau, Chantal Peten
Het vergeten Indië by Jack Botermans, Heleen Tichler
Het rariteitenkabinet by Gordon Grice

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