Review for Alabaster Shadows Vol.1

Review for Alabaster Shadows Vol.1

Well, how could I resist it when the blurb describes it as Lovecraft x Gravity Falls. 😛 I adore Gravity Falls (already rewatched it 3 times), so I just had to read this book!

It was quite good in the end, but I still had a few things I didn’t like which made it at times a bit hard to get through this book.

Since I am a bit tired (just woke up), I will put this in a good/bad list.

First up the not so goods/bads:

Some of the characters for instance (like the sister). The sister was truly annoying me to no end. I get she is a kid. But really? I just wanted to have her leave. The way she kept intruding on them, how she pestered her brother, how apparently nothing could faze her (and sometimes this kind of trait is nice, but in her it was just meh).

Then there was the art. At times it was really lovely, but at other time it was so-so, and often felt like someone rushed through it to get stuff done in time. It is just a shame, since it really had potential to become quite beautiful. Also what is up with the MC’s hair?

I absolutely dislike this kind of thing. That cliffhanger near the end. If we had any indication that there will be more Alabaster Shadows books/issues, I wouldn’t have minded it so much (still would have minded it a bit though), but I can’t find much information on if there are new issues/books.

Also how no one else but these kids (and a few adults) seem to see those things or know about it. It is a common trope within this genre/this kind of book, but I would rather see it not happen. I wouldn’t mind if everyone just knew about it. Or actually believed stuff when told about it.

Now for the goods:

The story was great, unlike a lot of Graphic Novels/Comics this one actually had a story that just started at the beginning. I have read quite a few that just throw you in the middle of everything, or that suddenly rush. This one didn’t. It took things slowly, it explained quite a few things, plus something that I also love, is that we, just like the MC and his friends, have no clue what is happening, and we can help them find out, we explore just when they do. We find out things when or just before they do.

There was a big creepfactor to the book (not only because of the creepiness that settled in that town, but also thanks to characters (those two ladies shivers). The monsters were properly monsters.

The mystery was really good, and I can’t wait to find out more about the world, how it works, the dreams, and the messages that people who got zapped (I would call it that) are telling on constant loop.

Then there is a strong MC who kicks some butt and isn’t afraid to save people even when it gets hairy.

I had quite a laugh, that I apparently read over something that made me miss the fact that one of the characters was a girl. 😛 That was quite a surprise when I found out she was a girl.

So all in all, I quite enjoyed myself, and I still will read this series if there is ever an update because I just need to know how it all ends.

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