Review for Animal Planets Baby Animals

Review for Animal Planets Baby Animals

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Sorry, but right of the bat, I am giving this book -0.5 stars for the fact it also had human kids in them. Not a lot, but it still didn’t fit at all the few times it popped by. I know technically we are animals and all that, but I came here for real animals. Real baby animals. Not human kids.

But other than that little bit I definitely enjoyed the whole book. Beautiful photographs, lots of information. I loved how things were separated by topic and that we would get a few animals that fit that category (for instance Family Ties tell us about how animals teach their kids to find food/shelter and how to protect themselves). Sometimes we even get one animal that gets all the spotlight.

And it isn’t just the popular animals getting the spotlight, oh no, you will find all sorts of not that popular critters as well! I definitely loved that they expanded like this, as quite often with baby animal books they go for the popular babies (cats, bunnies, hamsters, tigers, lions).

The information is nice and compact, easy to remember.

All in all, with the exception of the human kids, I really liked this book a lot and I would recommend it. Young and old will really like this one and fly through it.

Warning: Lots of cuteness. Be prepared to squee and get eyes with little hearts in them. 😛

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