Review for Anything About Nothing

Review for Anything About Nothing

When I saw this artist was doing a kickstarter with her book + some fun goodies (depending on what tier you picked) I just had to throw my money towards my screen. 😛

I am definitely glad with this book, now I can re-read older comics just from the comfort of no internet. Which is a real delight. I can just flip through this book and select a random comic. Way easier than having to scroll through all the comics on her site.

I also loved that there were new comics, and unreleased ones. I definitely noticed some new ones that I didn’t know yet (nor did my boyfriend, so we both were quite happy).

There are also comments under each comic and illustration that was featured in this book, and I have to say those comments really made the book. You thought the comic was funny? Read the comment, and laugh even harder. It also made the book a bit more personal, especially during the parts about her. I am glad she put these comments in the book.

There were a few spelling errors, not a lot, but a few here and there. Some made me wonder how anyone could misspell such a word. 😛

It was also a delight to find my name in the Thank You part, I knew it would be there, but it was still fun to spot my name in the list of other names on those 2 pages.

She also added 2 pages with how her art changed, and wow, she really improved!

All in all, if you are able to get your hands on this book, get it. Definitely worth it. Cats, cats, buff animals, cats, silliness, and much much more. This book will make you laugh.

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