Review for Bear’s House of Books

Review for Bear’s House of Books

So I read this one in Dutch, but I will be writing an English review!

I spotted this book in the book store and I was instantly in love with the cover. The blurb also sounded lovely, so I just decided to read it. And I am quite happy I did read it, however there were a few things that I, as a book lover, didn’t particularly like.

For instance that these animals just put sticky sandwiches in someone else’s books. Ate stuff while having sticky hands. Damaged books. If you do it to your own stuff, eh, if you want to treat your books badly that is on you, but don’t just barge into someone’s house and do that to their stuff. No. Just no.
And yes, they just break into the house. Patience? What is that?

And then there is the so-called big bear…. snort I won’t say much more about that, but boy I was disappointed.

Still there were good points too (otherwise I wouldn’t have rated it a 3.5 stars). For instance these animals really did love books, and they were really voracious readers. I also loved how each of them loved something different about books (well OK, almost everyone). Then there is the art, it was pretty cute, fluffy and sweet. Next the cover. <3
The bear’s house, full of books? It was amazing, it is a dream house (then again, my home is also stuffed to the brim with books).
The ending was really sweet and cute. Definitely a perfect ending for a book like this!

All in all, a lot of good, but it is just a shame of the things that weren’t too well done.

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