Review for Camp Disaster

Review for Camp Disaster

A typical book about bullying with a typical ending.

Sorry, but I am supposed to feel sorry for Madison, because her life sucks? Oh, boohoohoohoohoo. Sorry, but no. I am quite a forgiving person, but bullies? No. So your life sucks? That means you can just be a bitch to everyone? That makes it right to just do shit like this? Oh no, girl, oh no it is not. I hate this kind of stuff. I wouldn’t mind if the bully would see her way of errors herself without having to fall back on some bad stuff in her life. But I guess that rarely happens as writers just throw the sympathy card on bullies at the end. Oh boohoo, my life sucks, so I can make your life miserable as well, and oh hey, have sympathy for me, because I am so so so sad. plays the tiniest violin and rolls her eyes
I may have been more forgiving if I never have been bullied, but sorry, I have been bullied when I was kid/teen, and I will never have any sympathy for any of my bullies, not after all the shit they did. 😐 Never. So stories like this just make my eyes roll and make me want to throw the book. 😐

Also really, doesn’t anyone know that garlic is NOT for werewolves. Hello, that is vampires. Silver is for werewolves. Does anyone do any research? I could (kind of, very very kind of) imagine that Charlotte might not know, but Ellie? Who reads so much? Nah.

Ellie was definitely my favourite girl, she was funny, sweet, and I just adored the fact she was reading so much and that Madison apparently didn’t want to screw with her.

Charlotte was pretty OK, and I quite like how she stood up to Madison. Even if it was difficult at times.

I did feel sorry for Abby, but I wonder why no one ever intervened from that camp. A counsellor from the camp is being bullied and apparently she is just supposed to do stuff herself? I had expected quite a few times that the head-counsellor (Nell) would pop by to do stuff, but nothing ever happens, and that just seems unrealistic.

I also missed the thing that I see so often in camp stories. Letters being send, letters received, packages coming in. Nothing like that happens, and that is such a shame. 🙁

So yeah, this book was quite a mixed bag. I really hated that they went with the sympathy/redemption card for Madison. But the parts in which we don’t see Madison or much about the bullying were quite fun to read. I am not sure if I would recommend this one.

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