Review for Diesel: Ignition

Review for Diesel: Ignition

I spotted this book a few months ago, totally forgot about it, found out about it again, and was delighted it was already out (this meant I could read it as soon as it got delivered).

It took me some time to get used to Dee (she was exceedingly annoying), but after a while I started liking her more and more. It was quite a while, and there were moments where I just wanted to put the book down and do something else. Dee just thought she could get everything, not caring if she would have to hurt people. Her attitude towards the captain? I hated that. Sure, the captain also wasn’t nice, but I can fully imagine why she is reacting towards Dee like this.
Luckily, in the book, and after quite some time, Dee learns that there are things she is good at, and that she has skills. She just has to find them. And she has to stop being so darn lazy about everything, thinking things will just walk her way. 😐
She became quite an interesting character, and I also loved how electric she was. It is quite a nice skill to have, though I can imagine it might cause some trouble at times. 😛

There are several other characters accompanying Dee, or being involved with her. Bull was definitely my favourite, I loved his character, and how sweet (and above all, patient) he was with Dee. Plus his fire skill is just the best! I wouldn’t mind having such a skill as well.

The story is also fabulous, lots of twists and turns, lots of action. There are wars waging, friends and family to be found, and it seems that Dee’s father is up to something, but what? Is he doing it voluntarily? Is he being forced? Is he brainwashed? I wouldn’t think he is the kind of guy who would just do all this. Then again, with the flashbacks, and also what we learn from Bull (Dee’s brother, in a way), I am not sure about Dee’s father. He seems nice, but he did several things that would make him a bad guy.

The world-building is also pretty nice (though I still have several questions). It seems that this all takes place in one world. You have the top, with cities in the clouds and ships floating about, and then there is the planet itself which is a mess since everyone topside just throws down their garbage, and no one cares about the bottom people it seems.
I was quite surprised to see how nice their cities, on the planet, were though. When I saw the mess when Dee crashed on the planet, I was thinking it would be the whole world, but no, the cities are quite well build. May have to do with the fact that there is a tunnel, though not that many can pass that one, but hey, it might explain all the nice stuff the people have down there. Or else they got it out of garbage, which is also quite awesome. Considering they made that out of garbage, I can see a whole city being build as well. Still it is quite sad that trash just gets thrown away without a care. Plus the fact that the people living on the planet seem to be outcasts and are shunned when they go topside. 🙁 They do look different, sure, but that shouldn’t be a reason to be mean.

The ending? Exciting! Hopefully the second book will come out fast. The book was already a fast-paced, OMG I need to know more, party, but the ending? Oh my. Oh my!

Lastly, the art was really my favourite part of the whole book. 😛 It was actually the main reason I bought this book. Teehee.

All in all, a wonderful book, though again, be warned about Dee, she might be a bit too infuriating in the beginning of the book.

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