Review for Distant Sky

Review for Distant Sky

Welll….. this was just terrific and creepy as hell. Guess what I am not going to do tonight? Yes, sleep. shivers

Imagine waking up in a world destroyed, imagine waking up amidst corpses of your friends, your schoolmates, your teachers. Welcome to the new world in which the male MC awakens. Understandably the MC is terrified, and well, I can tell you, he wasn’t alone. The sight of all those corpses was enough to bring me nightmares, but what happens next was even more gruesome.

The world is pitch black, but that darkness brings an unfortunate thing with it. Flesh-eating bugs. Yep, you heard me right. If it wasn’t enough that the world was gone, or at least the part this guy is in, you have lovely bugs that will dig into your skin to eat you. This was definitely one of the many parts that made me have goosebumps, and also one of the parts that made me want to drop the comic. I am not good with bugs, and if those bugs like to nomnom on parts of human? Eh…. NOPE. NOPE. Definitely nope. Especially some scenes were disgusting and disturbing. Like that one were we get a pretty graphic view of a beastie crawling into an eyeball. Yeahhhhh, nope.

There are other survivors, our MC quickly discovers the second MC, this time a girl. I immediately liked her, she seemed strong, dependable, and awesome. I have to say with certain revelations (we see flashbacks to a life before all this stuff) I am not sure if I like her a lot. Of course everyone makes mistakes, but what she did to a friend? No. No. No. Eh, from what I could see our MC is getting a bit of karma on her. There were 2 moments that freaked me out. I won’t spoil which ones, but I am sure when you get to those points you will know what I meant. 😛
But I still was rooting a lot for her. She has survived for so long, she deserves to make it. She deserves to get through.

The comic switches between the girl and the boy. The boy especially was quite interesting as there is something going on with him that is strange. He has been in a long coma (which is impossible), his wounds heal magically, and then there are the dreams. I am quite curious to see how it will proceed. What will happen to him, why does this all happen to him, is he the chosen one?

Like I said we also see flashbacks and dreams. We see hints to what happened to the world, what our MCs were doing in the world. I definitely loved it, and while they did give a clue on what was going on, they also brought a whole lot of questions with them.

I still have absolutely no clue what is going on or what is happening to the world. Is it only Seoul? Is it the world? Is it something else entirely? Then there is the bugs, the army we saw at the end of this book, the strange guy that helped out. I hope that we will get all the answers as the comic proceeds.

Then we also have some disturbed survivors. Some people survived, but totally snapped, adapted, and are now killing everyone, and eating them. Pursuing them. At first I thought they wouldn’t have the capability any more to be human, but they can talk, and they can think. It is quite creepy that people went down the rabbit hole this fast. shivers If you thought bugs weren’t bad enough, or dogs, then cannibals definitely will top the list.

The art is pretty awesome, I love the style, and how it feels. It works best if you can scroll through them from top to bottom, that just gives the feeling of a movie playing. At times the details were a bit over the top for me (like with the bug and the eye), but mostly I just love them.

What more? Mm I am not sure if I will continue reading (yes confusing right), but I don’t know, I just want to immediately go to the ending, not go from one cliffhanger to the next, never knowing if we will find out what happened. So I will be waiting until this one is finished. Then I will marathon through it (though not at night, because lord, I am not sleeping already tonight and it is only the afternoon here).

I would highly recommend it. It is creepy, mysterious, bloody frightening, but so awesome that you can’t stop reading.

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