Review for I Don’t Want Curly Hair!

Review for I Don’t Want Curly Hair!

A book about curls, swirls, and hair. It was such a fun, hilarious, and cute book.

When I saw that one of my favourite artists had a new book coming out, I just knew I had to have it. So I immediately pre-ordered it and hoped, very hard, that it would be delivered around my birthday! And my wish came true, yesterday it was delivered, just 3 days before my birthday. And today (2 days before my birthday) I read and enjoyed this book, and I will be reading it many times.

It is about a little girl with a giant head of curls (really, a mega giant head of curls). She doesn’t want the curls, she wants straight, pretty, easy flowing straight hair. So she tries out all sorts of, mostly hilarious, ways to get her hair to be straight. From piling big books on her head, to having friends help her out, to hoping that gravity will help her. Will any of her tricks work out?

We also meet another little girl, with a totally different problem, but also still quite the same as our curly haired girl. Whereas I couldn’t totally understand the curly girl (I want curls too), I was totally agreeing with the new girl. 😛

The ending was absolutely adorable, and I was happy for the two girls. I hope they will be able to make many fun new hairstyles.

The art was just fabulous, colourful, and fun. I just love how much detail there was in the curls. I can’t imagine how much work that must have been to draw each curl, and then also in different colours of red/orange.

All in all, a sweet book, perfect for children, but also adults. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

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