Review for Introvert Doodles

Review for Introvert Doodles

I am a fan of Marzi’s comics, so when I found out she also had a book filled with them, of course I had to get it.

I am not sure if I would qualify for introvert, I have a lot of things that would classify me as such, but the same goes for the extrovert side.

This book was pretty relatable, a lot of the introvert comics made me go: OHHHH, that is exactly me (preferring a quiet day at home, reading books, not a fan of calling people, getting tired from too much interaction, to state a few examples). At times I couldn’t relate, they were just too extreme for me. Like making up excuses, or being rude to people when they don’t get her.

I definitely saw one comic that I wouldn’t mind making reality. The one where she is sitting on a bench and people are bothering her while reading. She has a sign next to her with 4 answers to standard questions people always ask her. I would love such a sign next to me, as people generally don’t get it that when one is reading they just want to read and have silence.

The book doesn’t only have comics, but also pie charts, single images, normal charts. I definitely like that it made the book more creative and fun to read. You never knew what was on the next page.

The art is pretty decent, but then again, I mostly read this one for the stories/comedy/relatability.

All in all, this was a great book, and I really enjoyed it a lot. I would highly recommend this one to everyone (introverts, extroverts, ambiverts), I am sure everyone can relate to these comics.

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