Review for Moo La La

Review for Moo La La

Thanks to Becka Moor (the illustrator) for sending me this book + signing it. <3

I already wanted to buy this book, because it looked fun, cute, and hilarious. Plus that cover was just pure brilliance. A cow in high heels? I just had to read this one!

And it was so much fun, I laughed so hard several times while reading. The farmer is going to the market and his cow and his dog come with him. The cow (just like all the animals) can talk, but I didn’t mind it that much. Often I am not a big fan of animals that can talk, but it fitted pretty well in this book. Plus, unlike a lot of those animals are talking books, it is not that only one person can understand her. It seems everyone can do understand her.

Cow really needed a good lesson, boy, she is quite jealous and wants everything the other animals get (even if it might not be what she is actually getting, but she doesn’t want to listen). Every time the farmer needs x because of his y animal, Cow wants that too. Even if it means she needs to be strapped in, it hurts, and she is actually not quite liking it. I was wondering when that moment of realisation would hit her. 😛

The ending was cute, and I was happy with how it ended, though I had a laugh and I shook my head, it seems some people/animals never learn.

I loved the little puns to cow stuff here and there. From the farmer’s license plate on his car, to several stores, and also clothes. Muumuu, Moomingdale.

Plus the parade was fun, as you could see hints to that one here and there as well. People hanging up decorations, everyone being in happy moods.

Lastly we have the art, and I can only say that I love it. And not because she gave me the book. Oh no, I just love her art already, and was already planning to buy the book because of that (plus the cow and the hilarious topic).

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone in need of some laughter in their lives. The cow might be a bit annoying at times, but don’t worry, you will still enjoy the book 100%.

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