Review for Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory

Review for Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory

When I spotted Elys Dolan having a new book, I just new I had to pre-order it immediately!

This is THE perfect book for Easter, and I will definitely be re-reading this book during that time. It got all the ingredients for Easter, from the chocolate eggs to chocolate bunnies.

This book was a delight, how it all first started with everyone being quite happy, with the factory growing, to Mr. Bunny going totally bonkers and forcing his employees to do stuff that no one should be doing (working day/night, no vacations, forced chocolate eating). Of course you can imagine what will happen! If not, well this book clearly shows what happens when chocolate hits the fan. 😛

I do have to say I will be looking at chocolate eggs in a new light. I know where eggs come from, but you generally don’t eat the shell + the shell has been cleaned, but knowing that chocolate eggs just get layed like that? Um, nah, no thank you.

I had quite a laugh at the Debbie situation. From her going missing, to posters, to signs, and then when something happens I was just exclaiming in delight: “OMG there is Debbie! Yay! Debbie!” Yep, I was totally invested in finding out what happened to Debbie and if she was still around. I loved that this bit was added.

The factory was great though, especially during the end. Boy, I wouldn’t mind being a chicken and working there. Sure, the whole chocolate egg situation is a bit eww, but I wouldn’t mind helping with other things.

It is a fun book with a lovely message, even more than one.

The illustrations, well, I think you can guess how I liked those, given that I bought this book because of them.

I would highly recommend this book! Looking for a fun book? With chickens? Bunnies? Unicorns (oh did I forget to mention that, there is a unicorn and he is awesome)? Chocolate (who doesn’t love chocolate)? Candy? Be sure to read this one!

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