Review for Nightlights

Review for Nightlights

This was just too good, and so I read it twice. 😛

It is a book about dreams, about fantasies, about drawing, but also about insecurity, being creative, and much more.

Sandy, our MC, was a lovely sweet girl. I instantly took a liking to her and to her imagination. Boy, this girl sure has some imagination. She was at times a bit grumpy, which I didn’t totally get and like. She has such a talent, a sweet mom, a sweet dad, and sure school isn’t the most fun (boy, those nuns sure have no humour), but if that is the only thing, couldn’t she smile a bit more? Enjoy life some more. With all those beings that she can just conjure out of nothing but little lights life sure must be good. You get to enter fantastic, colourful worlds.

Her drawings were gorgeous, at first sight a bit simplistic, but looking closer they contain so much detail, and are pretty well-drawn that you can instantly get what is going on in the pictures. I especially love her later works (during the lesson about astronomy I believe).

Then we have Morfie. I wondered why Sandy didn’t ponder about this girl some more. The girl just appears, disappears, is in a tree next to your class, and then even later also is something much more. I could instantly see that this girl wasn’t what she was. No one can write 300 lines in the blink of an eye. No one can just skip out of classes and hang around in trees without anyone seeing her but you. I get that Sandy probably just really wanted a friend, and that she didn’t mind that Morfie was a bit strange.

The dreams of Sandy go from sweet and delightful to something beyond creepy. It causes her fear, it causes her pain. She wants to keep drawing, but she doesn’t want to do it for those reasons. Her safe world is slowly turning into darkness. And I guess you can’t just go to an adult about this. Nor to anyone else. It would already be hard for anyone to understand how she can conjure stuff like this, and then there are her dreams. I just hope that in the next one (considering the ending I see a next book coming) Sandy finds the will to say no. Or to find someone to fight this being that is invading her dreams and her life.

The ending? Oh boy. OH boy. I can only imagine what will happen in the next book. Oh boy, oh boy, I can’t wait!

What more? AH yes, the illustrations. Boy, prepare yourself to be absolutely stunned and go “OMG” and “Oh wow” all the time. Every time you flip the page. Because the art in this book is just so beautiful. So colourful, so delightful. There are so many details. It is also the reason why I re-read this book just minutes after first reading it. I just had to soak up more of that gorgeous art. I just couldn’t leave this world just yet.

I would highly, HIGHLY, recommend this gorgeous, fantastic, fantasy-filled book. It has a sweet MC, an engaging story, and it is definitely a book that will hold you. It is a book that you won’t be able to stop reading.

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