Review for Princess Lemonella

Review for Princess Lemonella

I mostly got this one for the cover. Yes, everyone knows I love a good cover. 😛

And then the blurb attracted me, I was curious about this princess, would she ever have a smile on her face? Would she find a prince? Would she be happy? Because I can’t imagine frowning all the time is very pleasant for you.

The story starts with the princess being born, and the queen and king finding out their daughter can’t laugh, or won’t laugh. We then got 18 years further, and insert the princes. My Lord, I didn’t like the princes that just popped by to woo the princess. They just got the most cliche lines out (from various fairy tales) and hoped it would work. 😛

As the blurb also tells you, she rejects them (with good reason, even I wouldn’t dream of going out with those 3). Then along comes a third, and I knew this was the guy! Of course I was worried that they would be grumpy together forever, but… ah, no no, I won’t tell you. You will have to read for yourself if they stay grumpy, or become happy, or cry, or something else. I can just tell you that the ending was great and I am very happy with it.

The art is absolutely gorgeous. So many details, characters drawn in a way that they seem to pop out of the book.

I also love the fact our princess isn’t your normal type of princess. Sure, princesses can be a bit grumpy, but all the time? No. Plus she isn’t wearing her fancy dresses, or has her hair in pretty hairdos all the time.

Definitely would recommend this fun, but also gorgeous picture book!

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