Review for Princess Princess Ever After

Review for Princess Princess Ever After

A sweet cute book about two unconventional princesses finding love and happiness.

I have been eyeing this book for some time, but just found it too expensive at the moment to buy, so I put it on my Need to buy shelf, and hoped that one day I would be able to get it. And that day came on my birthday when my sweet boyfriend gave me this as a present. I was so delighted, so happy, I was squealing and fangirling.

And then I started reading it and falling head over heels even more. Our two main characters are terrific, sweet, funny, and oh so cute together, I was shipping them from the moment they met. Furtive glances, blushes, conversations, everything just matched perfectly, and I loved them together. Even though they just met, they had a spark going that was bright and shiny.

What I also loved was the fact that we get the backstory on both characters! Yes, both of them. Even if the book was short (56 pages) we get a whole backstory on why Sadie is in the tower (what a sad reason), and why Amira has become such a kick-ass princess. They both have a story to tell, and tell they will. Which will cause you to love them even more.

Not only that, the girls are not your standard cutesy princesses. Sadie is chubby (loved that she wasn’t yet another thin princess) and doesn’t want to be a princess (or queen). Amira is boyish, tough, isn’t afraid to fight if needed, plus doesn’t wear any cute frilly dresses.

Amira was definitely my favourite (I just love kick-ass girls with epic hairdos), but Sadie was a good second favourite. She was sweet, kind, and definitely worthy of being a queen.

We see how the adventures lead them right back home, and all that happens there. It was definitely exciting, and oh so much fun.

I had quite a laugh at when they rescued that guy out of the tree, and the nickname they gave him. The poor fellow was stuck with that name for all of the book.

The ending was perfection, oftentimes books won’t take it so far, but this one does and I am oh so delighted and I was crying in happiness. Finally a book that dares to tell us an after part. Not just leaves us hanging with feelings and blushes and hopes.

The art was also really great, it was the first thing that lured me to the book in the first place, followed by the fact this was about two girls liking each other. It is bright, colourful, and mostly I just love how all the characters are drawn.

So, I would highly recommend this book. Warning though it is really cute, hilarious, and fluffy!

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