Review for Snotgirl, Vol.1

Review for Snotgirl, Vol.1

I am sorry, but what?

I have been meaning to read this comic for some time, and finally all 5 issues are out. But now after reading I wish I hadn’t.

It is not the art, the art is just perfection, I really love the style, how the characters are drawn, how everything is drawn. It is so vibrant, fun, and it really pops out. I love how Snottie, um, Lottie is drawn. I definitely am happy to see so many different body types presented. Not only super thin, but also normal, and slightly more chubby.

However, without the art…. the book falls apart. As I also read somewhere else, and I am definitely agreeing with it, each issue ends on a cliffhanger (or kind of a cliffhanger), but then the next issue it is as if nothing happened. Of course eventually stuff will be mentioned, but really it was just chaos. It didn’t flow right.

We have some mystery, some pills that do stuff (though what is the biggest question). I also have a serious doubt about what is real and fantasy in this book. Is Cool Girl dead? Or is she alive? Is she some sort of zombie? What is up with Charlene? What is up with those new pills? Where did Lottie’s old doctor go? What is up with the random police/detective guy stuff? Why is everyone so interested in Lottie? Why did Lottie go out with Sunny and why does she keep bumping into him (I really don’t believe a word that he was just invited like that)? And then there are a whole bunch of other questions I have.

Plus I expected way worse from the fact this was called Snotgirl. Yes, there are a few disgusting scenes that made me shiver (especially since the snot was everywhere), but in general it was pretty tame.

Charlene was just terrible. I disliked her from the start, but was highly confused with the last issue (#5) and what happened there. Still I think it would be best if she wasn’t around. She might have been a fan of Charlene, but that is in no way a reason to just act the way she did. 😐

Lottie’s friends were so-so, I don’t really get why she is hanging out with them. Often I didn’t really get the friends vibe. Lottie was often highly annoyed with them.

Lottie was a pretty OK girl, though I did think she was a bit too shallow. How she just expected everyone to know her, how she kept talking about how awesome she was or her blog. There were times I really liked her, but quite often I was just shaking my head at the stuff she said/thought.
I did love her hair though, and her fashion sense is also pretty nice.

I did love the blogging parts, I wish they were more prominent.

All in all, a book that was mostly miss, but still pretty nice. And again, the art really saved this series. At least for me.

2 stars. 1 for Lottie and her fashion sense + her blog. 1 star for the art.

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