Review for The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt

Review for The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt

The second book (for me) in this series. This time we have pirates and treasure maps!

It was quite a fun book to read, I love pirates and treasure hunts so I was happily thinking about what the clues could be, even though I didn’t get a lot of them right as they were specific clues for their world (for instance the sign at the art shop, or the first clue). I could guess what it might be, but without knowing the island….

I didn’t quite like the Tall boy and that girl stuff. I just thought it was quite rude that they were following Judy and Stink. Then again, Stink and Judy did it back, but I can see why they would do that. I would probably have done the same if someone is stalking me like that, I would turn the roles for a bit.

I had a laugh at what all the right things to find were. I won’t tell you, as it would be spoiling, but I definitely liked the Morse code clue the most. I just feel a bit sorry for the one guarding that secret. 😛

I also did feel sorry for the parents. Woken up at ungodly hours, kids not appreciating good food. But they went along with it, and I did like them for that. Not many parents would have as much patience with their kids as these two did. Then again, that is something I have noticed in other Judy Moody’s as well. The parents are really great and do a good job at parenting.

All the pirate stuff was fun, and the dialogue was peppered with pirate talk. And of course everyone had a proper pirate name! Arrr!

Plus points go to the title, it is such a fun one, fitting perfectly with the story.

Then there are the illustrations, once again, they are good, but once again I can’t comment on their colours. I am sure it looks fabulous, and I will be buying the book so I can see those full colour illustrations.

The ending was a disappointment, it felt like the cheap way out, and after all the stuff that Judy and Stink did they deserve better. And for that I remove some of my rating.

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