Review for The Mystery of the Painted Dragon

Review for The Mystery of the Painted Dragon

The third book in this series, and I loved it so much. A dragon painting disappears, we have new characters (I loved them all), sweet illustrations (plus one for Sophie and Lil), and lots more!

As some of you might recall (if you read my reviews), the previous book brought a new character (and also some side characters) to the mix. I didn’t like the new character.
In this one we also have a new character (and some new fun side characters), the mystery revolves around her and paintings. I loved Leo from the start. I even noticed that I was sad when we got to other parts of the book. I just wanted more and more Leo. Leo was such a strong, good girl, and I was just cheering and hoping that she would continue drawing, painting, making art in general. Not stop because of all the stuff that is happening to her.

Lil was definitely another favourite of mine, then again, she is just too awesome. Being an actress (and getting famous more and more), and also doing the detective stuff, and also work side jobs. Wow. Plus I loved seeing more of her family, in this case, her brother!
Plus I love how Lil still stands firm, tells it as it is. As I also said in the other book’s review, I just love how she acts, it isn’t like she is from that age, but from this age.

Sophie was quite fun, and she is still a very likeable character, but her constant Baron Baron Baron stuff, did not only annoy her friends, but also me, the reader. I get that the Baron is important, I get that the Baron did some really bad stuff, but really? Is it necessary to focus so much on someone? And with the ending as it was, it felt like it was rubbed in our faces. Like, OMG look she was right to rub it in our faces all the time. If only we had all listened, blablabla.

The painting, and the whodunnit though the actual whodunnit was also not that hard to deduce . Eh. I knew from the moment that that person asked for the painting that he was the one doing stuff. Not really a spoiler, it is just so clear from that point that I don’t even care to put something like spoiler around it. It was a bit boring. I kept hoping for a new twist or turn, and I was frustrated with the characters taking so long. It is a shame, I love books which keep me on my toes, not immediately give me the right suspect immediately.

As with the previous book we have little parts in between the story which tell us about the dragon paintings. Since there are more than one of those. I definitely liked those little pieces, as it gave more insight in the dragons and what was going on with them.

Mei and her family also make an appearance, and I have to say I have a higher tolerance for Mei in this book. It was quite nice to see her around, and also see her help out.

Also as with the previous book, there is some romance, and I was really delighted to see that one popping up. It does fit with the ages of the characters.

What more? Oh yes, I want to visit Sinclair’s! Sooooooo much. I wouldn’t mind spending some days in that store. Visiting the millinery, the book store, the candy store, and all the other fun stores. daydreams

The ending was pretty great, well the actual ending that is, not the ending to the mystery. I am so happy for Lil and Sophie, they deserve this, and I hope it will mean more, and even bigger mysteries for them. Congrats girls!

The cover is once again gorgeous, I am glad that they don’t suddenly decide to change, as so many other series sadly did. The cover is supershiny, and I just the various details that one only truly spies when they have read the book.

All in all, this was a great read with fantastic new characters (more Leo please), a mystery that was pretty decent (even if it was predictable), and much much more! Highly recommended!

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