Review for Water-ski Wipeout

Review for Water-ski Wipeout

I used to be a big fan of the Hardy Boys, I read a lot of their books when I was a kid, so imagine my delight when I found out about these books.

They are a bit like the Nancy Drew Clue Book series, all our favourite characters now as kids. Does it work? Does it not work? It worked with Nancy, and after reading this one and the next book, I can say it also works for the Hardy Boys.

The characters are exactly as what I remember, only now in tiny form and not in teenage mode or older. Joe is still the more spontaneous, more bubbly guy, while Frank thinks everything over and is quite serious. It is pretty great that the writer who wrote these stories did such a good job at keeping their personalities intact.

The mystery was a delight, sometimes you just know who did it, but in this one we didn’t know until certain characters were mentioned near the end. I just love it when I can help figure out the mystery with MC’s, and not just shout at them that it is x or y. 😛

I also loved the setting, the camp, where the story took place. It sounds like a perfect place for camping, and I would love to go there.

I didn’t like Adam, not at all. 😐 What an annoying guy that was. He was the stereotypical bully.

The whodunnit in the end? Well I will be posting this under spoiler tags as I was quite a bit annoyed with it.
So you spot some BRAND-NEW water skis and there are no other water skis in that shed but those brand-new skis and you just take them? Without asking? Without even thinking that they might be someone else’s? What the hell is up with you, are you that dumb? You had nice intentions, but sorry, this just seems too stupid to me.

But all in all, I really enjoyed the mystery, the camp stories, and the ending was really nice and sweet.

There are also illustrations, and I quite like the style of them. They did seem familiar, but I can’t see that the illustrator has done anything else but the Hardy Boys series.

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who is a fan of the Hardy Boys or is looking for a fun mystery.

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