Review for When I Was A Mall Model

Review for When I Was A Mall Model

I always love finding new comics to read, especially if they are about topics I am interested in.

This is just a short comic, but I have to say that I didn’t mind that much. It was a complete story for me, sure, I would have liked to see more in depth about a few things, but all in all, I quite liked how the story was centred only on the modelling and why she always wanted to do that. It didn’t go to other branches that could have been expanded.

It was quite interesting to see her still try to be a model at her age. Not that she is old, but generally people start modelling when they are still teenagers or younger. Then again, she did say herself that she was late with a lot of things (and we got a few examples).

But yeah, I guess if she had been earlier she could have probably have had a glamorous career, but now not many people want her, especially if they have a slew of younger, more willing models. It is a shame, she is definitely pretty and model-worthy. And she did get a few good things on her way, which is already something a lot of people can’t say.

The art is also pretty good, I love the style, it fits perfect with the book. Elegant, stylish.

Definitely a comic I would recommend if you are also interested about modelling.

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